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What is included and not included in each trip?

  • Professional guides who know the different zones and trails you will be riding
  • Transportation for the duration of the tour including pick up and drop off at the airport in Bogota.
  • Accommodation in double rooms and 3 meals per day for the duration of the tour
  • Epic Andes T-shirt

How fit do I need to be?

The most important thing you need is enthusiasm for long descents and motivation to reach them.  All the riding is planned with shuttles but on some tours there may be sections of adventurous hike a bikes.   ideally this in an acceptable physical condition, not ironman, all the riding is planned with shuttles but there is some hike a bike and pedal adventures sections.

How is the technical riding?

The trails in which the guidance is performed demand mid-hi technical skills with a mixture of rocks, roots, switch back, and steep terrain due to the nature of the andes. All bike achievable depending on the skill of each individual, but always with the possibility of a B line.

What is your maximum group size?

The maximum group size is 7 people per vehicle and guide.

Should I bring my own bike or do you offer rentals?

We can provide mid-hi end bikes,(email us for price info and sizes)  but there is nothing like riding the bike you are used to.

Can you help me plan a trip extension?

Yes, we can adjust the trip to you vacation time

Should I buy medical insurance?

Yes, it is essential to show proof of purchase of health insurance as all mountain practice is considered high risk. neither guides nor Eaba have responsibility for accidents q can be generated in the practice of it.

What do I need to bring?

Once you select the dates we will email you with the recommended gear depending on time of the year you plan your trip.

what kind of bike do I need?

All riding is intended for all mountain bikes (140-160 of travel).



Full cancellation and refund is available within 7 days of booking. After 7 days, the following cancellation policy applies:

• 60 days notice: $250 cancellation fee per person
• 30-60 days notice: $500 cancellation fee per person
• less than 30 days notice: no refunds

Our cancellation policy does not include any expenses incurred apart from the trip booking itself. Airline tickets will be subject to the cancellation policy of the airline. There will be no refunds once the tour has started for any reason, including but not limited to injury or illness that prevent the participant from completing the tour.


Epic Andes is committed to providing a memorable trip and will make every effort to run our trips. However, Epic Andes reserves the right to cancel any trip. If Epic Andes cancels a trip, a full refund will be provided. We will also provide you with a $400 credit towards another trip, valid for 2 years from the date of the cancelled trip. Epic Andes is not responsible for any loss due to non-refundable airline tickets or other expenses incurred outside of the purchased trip. Please confirm with Epic Andes prior to purchasing airline tickets to confirm the trip will run.


The safety of the participants is a priority on all of our trips. However, situations may arise that are beyond our control, such as a natural disaster, or political unrest. If an event beyond our control should jeopardize our ability to provide a safe and enjoyable trip, our cancellation policy is as follows:

• If we feel that the trip can proceed as planned without undue risk to the participant, any cancellation will be subject to the Cancellation and Refund Policy.

If possible, we may modify the itinerary in order to ensure that the trip will proceed. Any modifications made by Epic Andes will be of similar quality to that of the original trip. If we are able to provide a comparable trip and the participant chooses to cancel, the Cancellation and Refund Policy will apply.

If we are unable to run a safe trip due to circumstances beyond our control, the trip will be cancelled and the participant can choose either a 75% refund or 100% of the trip price as credit for a future trip.


Participants are required to have medical insurance in order to participate on any Epic Andes trip. We STRONGLY encourage all participants to purchase Comprehensive Medical Insurance covering aircraft evacuation. Our trips are designed for maximum adventure and may take us to remote areas where there is limited access to medical services and hospital facilities. In the case of injury, all medical and evacuation expenses will be the responsibility to the participant.

We also suggest purchasing travel insurance to protect against trip cancellation, trip delay, flight coverage and damage to baggage and personal effects. Visit to compare plans offered by US and Canadian companies.


Participants are responsible for booking flights to Bogota, Colombia. Please contact Epic Andes once you have your travel plans to arrange airport pickup. If you are planning on arriving earlier than the start of the trip or stay longer, let us know so that we can help you arrange your travel plans.


We have no minimum fitness requirements for our rides however our bike adventures are designed for intermediate to advanced riders. Therefore, we recommend all participants arrive with the ability to complete multiple days of riding 4-5 hours/day. Please note that many of our rides will be at higher altitudes than many participants are accustomed to. It is the participant’s responsibility to inform Epic Andes of any medical conditions that may affect their ability to complete the trip. Epic Andes is not responsible for providing or arranging for any medical care.

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