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About our guides

They say home is where there heart is.  We are two former national team downhill racers who spent years on the race circuit representing Colombia.  During that time, we were fortunate to race and explore the countless trails the Colombian Andes have to offer.  After personal journeys to Europe, Canada, and around South America, we found ourselves back home in the Colombian Andes with a new passion for sharing our amazing bike community, culture and epic trails with adventure enthusiasts from around the world.  With this in mind, we started Epic Andes Bike Adventures.

Meet Our Team

  • Selim Bedoya (a.k.a. Freight Train)
    Selim Bedoya (a.k.a. Freight Train)Guide

    Selim is a two time Colombian National Downhill Champion.  He spent over  10 years racing mountain bikes, representing Colombia on the National  Team for 8 years.  He is passionate about bikes and currently lives in  British Columbia, Canada.  He returns to Colombia each winter to share his passion for adrenaline fuelled descents in his home mountains.

  • Alex Leal (a.k.a. Fresa)
    Alex Leal (a.k.a. Fresa)Guide

    Alex also spent over 10 years on the downhill race circuit representing  Colombia.  After retiring from the race circuit, Alex as continued to fuel his passion for biking by exploring different riding destinations in Europe and  throughout the Americas.  He is a passionate rider  and loves to discover and share new trails in the Colombian Andes.   He dedicates his time to finding ways to evolve and grow all mountain biking in Colombia.

Our Skills

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Sunny Days

Elevation Gain

Elevation Loss

Adventure Level

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Who Should Ride With Us?
All mountain bike and adventure lovers! Although we specialize in downhill, gravity assisted adventures, we can customize any trip to accommodate all riding levels in order to provide the experience you are looking for. From scenic all mountain rides to adrenaline pumping descents, we offer something for everyone. We are local guides and we only take clients on secure trails we are familiar with. We do not outsource guides or improvise with clients. 

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Our Office

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Contact Us

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